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Hotel Zlatá Hvězda na dobovém snímku

The town of Litomyšl was the first mentioned in Cosmas Chronicle in 981 AD. The place which was owned by Slavnikovec Family was on the Trstenicka business route. This route led from Turkey to Bohemia and then westwards.

In 1259 Litomyšl was given town privileges. The town was home to many noble families: Přemyslid Family, Kostkas from Postupice, Pernštejn Family, Trautmannsdorfs and Thurn – Taxis.

Litomyšl was also a favorite place of famous Czech personalities, e.g. Alois Jirásek, Božena Němcová, Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová It´s also the birthplace of a famous Czech composer Bedřich Smetana (*2. 3. 1824). In 1949 was held the first music festival that is nowadays very popular among Czech and foreign visitors the International Opera Festival Smetana´s Litomyšl.

The most important monument of the city - since 1999 the chateau Litomyšl is a part of UNESCO World Heritage. Together with the square and picturesque narrow streets which create the uniqe character of the town.

Hotel Zlatá hvězda has long tradition too. The hotel was built on two allotments and behind them there was a town forfication. The oldest known owners were Vítek Matyšů who in 1528 owned house nr. 83, and Matěj Zbelant who since 1516 owned house nr.84. On the 11th. on May 1546 the house nr. 84 burnt out and nearly the whole town too. The owner Matěj Zbelant was taken in to prison because his wife Dorota had died in the fire.

In the middle of the 19 th. century the coaching inn called U Modré hvězdy was owned by Bohdan Tobolář and his wife Anna who was related to Antonín Augusta, local printer. Close to the entrance there was a big meeting place, then billiards and a large pub. In 1861 Czech writer Božena Němcová lived here.

In 1898 there was a new owner Václav Němec who tore down the two houses and built a twostorey hotel Zlatá hvězda with an old-fashioned facade and 16 guest rooms. It was finished in 1900. The Regional Saving Bank bought the hotel in 1914 to be a saving Bank built a summer restaurant in 1926. Another big rebuilding happened in 1931 and people could go through the building to the river bank.

Since 1951 the hotel belonged to the Regional Saving Bank in Litomyšl and the hotel had only 4 guest bedrooms.Since this time the hotel has a deposirault which now serves as a Unixe bathroom in one hotel apartment.

The Hotel was owned by a state company called RaJ prom 1954 and then from 1962 a state company „Restaurants Svitavy“ ran the building. After the Velvet revolution inn 1989 Jiří Kubík gained the hotel during privatization and he built the 3rd floor.

Since 1998 the hotel belongs to the eurrent owners, Jaroslav and Milena Šnajdr. Between 1998-2004 there was a huge reconstruction of a big hall, the hotel kitchen, guest rooms and hotel apartments but the unique 1st republic charakter of the hotel has remained.

Other big changes happened between 2005-2007. The back part of the hotel was changed into guest rooms and there was reconstructed a glazed staircase with a top terrace. This place is preferred for the magnificent view of the town squere.

The restaurant got a new face, too. Its architects Ing. Zdeněk Kratochvíl and artist Jiří Sochovský managed to adjut the outer facade and the inner atmosphere of the place.

They created ,, retro space,, with features of art-deco, functional subdivisions of soffit as well as vista of the surroundings. Paintings on the walls are inspired by the most admired architecture of the town – castle and sgraffito. The interior is reminiscent of restaurant of the 1st republic.



Hotel Zlatá Hvězda

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