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The Town of Litomyšl

The Renaissance Caste - The Renaissance Castle is a national cultural monument which was enlisted into UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. It is the main dominant of the town and one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in the Czech Republic. The history of settlement the castle hill, and later a castle as well, is inextricably linked with history throughout its existence.

Castle cellar with statues by Olbram Zoubek - The castle cellar is a unique space with enchanting atmosphere offering relaxation of your mind. Because of high ceiling, the space is not depressing as other cellars; on the contrary, it can calm down your mind. The statues match perfectly to this space.

Regional Museum - Regional Museum is a place where you can visit permanent exposition called Litomyšl – a town of culture and education dealing with town history form past to present, unique curiosities related to the town. The birthplace of a Czech composer Bedřich Smetana in the castle brewery is a part of the museum.

The House at the Knights - This house at the main square was built in Renaissance style in the first half of the 14th century. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Litomyšl. Now it houses various fine art exhibitions.

Portmoneum – Portmoneum is a museum of Josef Váchal, a painter, a xylographer and an author whose works are inspired by mysticism, devils and heaven.

The Red Tower - The tower is a part of Faculty of Restoration of Pardubice University where you can visit museum of restoration and its technologies.

The Monastery Gardens - The gardens are placed between two local churches and are a favourite place of meeting and relaxation.

More information with a list of current events at www.litomysl.cz.

The Surroundings

Toulovec´s Stables (15 km from Litomyšl) - This natural beauty consisting of stony rocks can be found among the villages of Budislav, Proseč and Nové Hrady. This place is connected to a legend of a knight Toulovec, a Czech version of Robin Hood, who hid in these rocks and caves.

Rose Meadow (7km from Litomyšl) - a memorable place at a village Morašice where grow very unique roses Rosa gallica. There is a monument dedicated to Czech Brethren Union and J. A. Komenský.

Nové Hrady (15 kilometers from Litomyšl) - New Castles in English, is a jewel of Czech Rococo style and therefore it is nicknamed “Czech Versailles”. The castle was built in the 18th century by a count Jan Antonín Harbuval-Chamaré. The castle was reconstructed a couple years ago, nowadays its owners improve the surroundings and the gardens.

Nedošín Grove (3 kilometers from Litomyšl) - it is a popular place for relaxation in the woods and among ponds. In the past, the place was a romantic park with temples where the nobility owning the castle in Litomyšl spent their free time.

Kozlov and Kozlov Hill (9 km from Litomyšl) - In this village a Czech painter Max Švabinský (1873-1962) lived here before the WWI in the Vejrychs house. On the top of the Kozlov Hill there was built a chalet with accommodation and a bar.

Svojanov (16 km from Polička) - the castle was founded by a Czech king to protect a trading tour. Svojanov cultural summer and Puppet show takes place in the castle in the summer which is open to the public.

Košumberk (25 km from Litomyšl) - there was a medieval castle built on the rock above the Novohradka river. The castle burnt down and was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. The ruin together with a local museum is open to the public.

Polička (19 km from Litomyšl) - Polička is a royal town founded by a Czech king in 1265. There is a part of medieval fortification preserved till today which visitors can visit. The town is also a birthplace of a Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů who was born in the spire of local church which can be visited too.



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